If you are in control of your finances and your debt, a credit card rewards program can be a great thing to leverage to your advantage. With that said, it’s important to be aware of the complete details of the reward program. Before you sign up for these rewards, check for fees, limits, and their terms of use. As with many things, when it comes to credit card reward programs, the devil’s in the details.

Before signing up for credit card reward programs ask these questions first:

Reward Limits

  • Do they have expiration dates? Your rewards may have an expiration date. You can lose them if you don’t redeem before the specified date.
  • Do they have other limits? Your rewards can have limits such as redeeming a certain minimum or maximum amount.

Losing Rewards

  • Do they have rules about losing rewards? You can lose your rewards in certain cases, and you might not be able to get them back.
  • What are the details? Late payments, not making a payment, and other issues can cause you to lose the rewards.

Hidden Fees

  • Do they have annual fees? Credit card reward programs may come with annual fees that reduce the benefit of using the program.
  • Do they have extra fees? Credit card reward programs can also charge extra fees for using the rewards or transferring them.

Credit card reward programs can be enticing, so it’s crucial to evaluate them in detail. For best results, take time to do your homework and evaluate your lifestyle needs. What are the pros and cons of the program and how will it enhance your life? Make sure you’re actually benefiting from the rewards and not duped into spending additional money because of the programs.