In 2017, the U.S. has been plagued with natural disasters from coast to coast ranging from hurricanes to fires, and unprecedented flooding. Do you have the right insurance coverage in place should a disaster strike where you live?

For Californians, there is one threat that is much more prevalent than if you lived in another state. According to the California Earthquake Authority (CEA), California bears nearly 70% of the country’s earthquake risk. There is an active fault line within 30 miles of most California residences. But only 10% of homeowners in the state have earthquake insurance!

Planning on staying in the Sunny State long term? On their website, the CEA states that within the next 30 years there is a:

  • 7% chance a 6.7M quake or larger will strike California.
  • 46% chance a 7.5M or greater earthquake will strike, likely in Southern California.
  • 68% chance a 7.0M quake will happen in Northern California.

It’s near impossible to predict when disaster will strike, which is why it is so important to plan ahead and be prepared. Review your existing insurance policies and confirm with your providers what is covered in the instances of flood, fire, wind damage, or earth quake. Depending on where you live you may be more prone to certain perils than others. Review your situation for gaps, and get the necessary coverage to protect your property.